SUNRISE optical fiber system lighted up Taipei 101!!

Taipei 101 fireworks show is one of the biggest annual activities in Taiwan. 

In 2016 New Year's Eve celebrations, we were pleased to be part of the grand activity, 
the fireworks using the new mode of lighting + fireworks, guiding a new direction of performance technology and sustainable development.

Using 800 sets of ACME XP-16R BSW + XP-1000SZT as a changing of lighting and filled the time gaps when firework display.

The lights were set on every 8 floors from 34th floor of Taipei 101.
Using truss to elevate the lights to increase higher flexibility and effectiveness.

As the distance between the floors are far, the technician choice “SUNRISE” fiber cable as a transmission and control purposes.
Through the SFP and Ethernet to do the combination.

SUNRISE's newly designed fiber optic system, through a unique protective cover and jumper cable to make the system installation becomes very simple and reliable.

Please find below relevant reports for your reference:

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