New choice for waterproof connector!!

New choice for waterproof connector!! 
SVP591X & SVP597 waterproof panel mount 

Sun Rise's RJ 45 connector has been completed the verification of IP66 (Waterproof and Dustproof verification)
which is validated by the third certification party -- SGS.
What does IP66 stands for?
6 means dustproof completely. Dust cannot be entered , and prevent dust contact complete.
6 means High pressure water column. A pressurized water column is sprayed by a strong nozzle (12.5 mm) from any angle to the enclosure of the device which is without any negative effect.

In other words, the connector can be fully competed for a variety of performances or poor use of the environment, expect completely submerged and diving.

RJ45 will be able to effectively solve the high-speed data transmission, and control the problem of waterproof and dustproof.
SVP591X and SVP597 can support to level of CAT6A of connection requirements and completely compatible with the other level.
Due to the contact area of the shell is large, the ability to face the problems of EMI EMC ESD will be better than the early products of CAT5E!

Dustproof Report

Waterproof Report

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