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2022 Started construction of 395.85KWP grid-connected photovoltaic power station project

Sun Rise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd started construction of 395.85KWP grid-connected photovoltaic power station project

Sun Rise has been passed ISO 14001 environmental management system since 2006 and has taken seriously the environmental protection issues.
After electricity restrictions at the end of 2021, in order to cooperate with the country's new energy policy to reduce carbon emissions, 
In 2022, Sun Rise has decided to invest a lot of effort and funds in setting solar photovoltaic power station on the roof of company and dormitory.
After executing this project which is expected to reduce the company's annual electricity consumption by 40%.
We can contribute both to environmental protection and energy conservation.

Sun Rise factory is located in Ningbo, 29°53' north latitude where suitable sunshine conditions have.
According to meteorological data, the annual peak sunshine hours can reach 1020 hours.

Photovoltaic power station structure and grid connection diagram

Photovoltaic system design and main equipment/capacity
Monocrystalline silicon 455 Wp and 870 modules will be installed, the total installed capacity is 395.85 KWp, the module actually occupies a roof area of about 2850 square meters.
Connect to the grid in the form of self-generation and self-use + surplus power grid ; 
The inverter adopts a string-type grid-connected inverter with a grid-connected voltage level of 0.4 kV.

Installation location diagram
The installation adopts the cement roof bracket 
In order to make the ray of sunshine direct to the photovoltaic panels most of the time, hence, lift the photovoltaic panels to the south to face the sun.
Steel components adopt the anti-corrosion method of metal protective layer. 
Steel structure brackets, connecting plates and steel wire ropes are all coated with hot-dip galvanized coating.
The cast-in-place concrete flat roof selected for the new photovoltaic power station, according to the standard value of the newly added load as 0.50KN/m2.

Electricity generation estimation
Since the photovoltaic system has a certain attenuation, the estimated annual power generation is as follows (Unit: 10,000 KWH)
1st year: 39.57
5th year: 37.91
10th year: 36.82
15th year: 35.73
20th year: 34.64
25th year: 33.55
Total power generation for 25 years is 904.95.
The average power generation of 25 years is 36.20.

Beneficial Result
Carbon Right Dividend
The distributed grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is worked with the grid-connected generation system, the selected equipment meets the product certification standards of the state and the State Grid Corporation, it has no impact on the user's electricity consumption. 
Use photovoltaic power generation can directly reduce the use of thermal power generation.
The carbon rights generated by the energy saving and emission reduction of this photovoltaic project are also considerable. 
With an average annual power generation of about is 362,000 kWh, the annual average saving of standard coal is 110.4 tons. 
The carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 360.89 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions are reduced by 10.86 tons and nitrogen oxides emissions are reduced by 5.43 tons.

Building Energy Efficiency
Since the photovoltaic array is installed on the roof, it directly absorbs the solar energy and converts it into electricity, it is avoiding the direct sunlight on the roof, which can improve the indoor temperature and reduce the indoor air conditioning loading.

Slowdown Peak Demand, Reduce Tiered Pricing for Household Electricity
Solar energy project can reduce business peak demand and reduce tiered pricing for household electricity.
Generally, solar photovoltaic energy systems produce electricity from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., 
And business peak demand is 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
So solar photovoltaic energy can cover these two peak demands, and reduce business peak demand effectively.

Increase Business Ratio of Electricity Usage and Production Capacity
Businesses that use solar photovoltaic energy not only will not be counted toward the business energy consumption index but also can increase the business ratio of electricity usage and production capacity.
Dodge business tax and some business problems correct and reasonable that can avoid power failure which caused by government policy.

Prolong The Service Life of The Roof
Photovoltaic Array install on the roof avoid the roof being exposed to direct sunlight, also can block out wind and rain as a shelter.
It is equivalent to installing a thermal protection layer on the roof, which can prolong the service life of the roof.

Enterprise Green Action
The installation of green photovoltaic power stations benefits to protect the environment and is the performance of enterprises' social responsibility.
Further echoes the spirit of ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

Under the global shortage of energy and raw materials, and facing difficulty in recruitment. 
The attitude of the enterprise should be focused on output and revenue turn to increase the added value of products and increase profits. 
Just like a good enterprise, you will look at its EPS "Earnings per Share".
But! This transformation is difficult, the first step is to meet the standards!
Improve product life cycle --- Durable! Reliable! 
Achieving one product can do two products jobs, even exceeding expectations
Thereby reducing unnecessary waste of raw materials - production - transportation

The photovoltaic station is just the beginning of a practice
Let's do our best together!!

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