XLR Female Connector
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XLR Female Connector-SVP556V


3pin XLR Female Connector

XLR female cable connector, V-XLR Series connectors is a novelty and originality of shark shape design. The series is with a nickel-plated zinc diecast shell and has three contacts with brass H59-1 over silver plating which makes it more durable and long-lasting. Female connector with sleek latch is easier to unplug. The triple position strain relief design avoids the inner cable from being twisted together and broken, which also makes assemble easier and faster. 

• Regular XLR
• Exclusive Shark shape
• Well shaped button for better user experience
• Liquid and dust proof of tail cover
• Removable clamp for multiple types of cable
  ►Remove washers,           for O.D.: 3.3~4.8mm
  ►Standard connector       for O.D.: 5.0~6.8mm
  ►Black big cable clamp    for O.D.: 7.0~8.0mm
• Triple position clamp design for avoiding inner cable twisted together and broken. 
• Reliable locking: tighten up by zinc shell’s thread.
• Inner lock hole design for longer service life of male connector
• Dust cover: 1CE0054
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SVP556V drawing file (514 KB)
SVP556V-NL drawing file (321 KB)
Pro Audio XLR connector is a style of electrical connector, are used on professional audio, video,and stage lighting equipment. 
The appearance of the connectors are circular and have between 3 and 7 pins. 
They are most commonly associated with balanced audio interconnection, but are also used for lighting control, low-voltage power supplies, and other applications. 
Pro Audio XLR connectors of Sun Rise are high performance, stability, safety and longer life time, standard regulations followed and keeping R&D.
XLR current rating of 16A.
The XLR offers the minimum operating temperature of - 30°C whereas the maximum operating temperature is + 80°C.

•XLR in Lighting Control Applications
• XLR Connectors in Speakers
• Connectors audio signal in Mixing Boards
• XLR Male Socket in Amplifiers
• XLR Microphones plug Connector
• XLR Female and XLR Male for musical Instruments
• XLR Connectors in acoustic sound applications
• Female Connector/Male Connector in loudspeakers
• Excellent Cable Connector for LED screens
SVP555V SVP556V Product Description
Product Features:
Insulation is PA Nylon 66 + 30% glass fiber.
High temperature resistance and good welding capability.
Multi-stage adjustable wire clamps and washers.