AES-3 Hybrid Cable
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Power & AES3 / DMX-512 Hybrid Cable


AES-3 + Power Cord Abreast Hybrid Cable

AES-3 + power cord abreast hybrid Cables which are universal signal cables, designed specifically for applications such as connecting and powering active speakers, as well as signal transmission. The abreast part of signal + power hybrid cable is designed for easy to weilding the wires and significant reduction of the cable weight, aslo can save the material cost. These hybrid of AES-3+ power cables are custom made so are available to different spec, including various plugs. 

AES-3 + Power Cord Abreast Hybrid Cable
• lowest capacitance effectively reduces high-frequency attenuation.
• Compatible with DMX-512 & Analog Audio Cable.
• Easy to split signal cable and power cord.
• Power cord meets IEC53 specification.
• Signal cable complies with AES-3 standard.
• 100M is the max. length due to the limited by the voltage drop of the power cord.
Product Guide (1.6 MB)