Optical Fiber Connector
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Optical Fiber Connector


MPO Optical Fiber Panel Sockets

MPO optical fiber chassis use SUNCALL's patent construct yellow cover which protect against dust successfully. Using patchcord in opticalcon MPO adaptor can easily compate with the optical fiber such as 2/4 LC and 8/12MPO.

Multi-Core Optical Fiber Connection System
Replace machine-side products
MPO socket with Yellow protective covers
Waterproof cover part no.: 1CE0051 / 1CE0051-YL (Yellow)

The latest MPO optical fiber system
Building an optical fiber "highway" for live concert.
Universal Pro A/V socket standard size & hole position.
It can replace the optical port of device.
The device 's network port can be upgraded to an optical port with an embedded optical media converter.

•Push-Pull shell locking mechanism, push-lock/pull-pull the shell’s unloading ring to pull out.
• Prevent pulling the connector out when the cable is pulled.
• Use MPO connector core, provide multi-core optical fiber connection (12 cores or more) at one time (according to MPO specifications)
• The socket use SUNCALL’s core.
   Automatically open/close when plugged in & unplugged, prevent dust effectively.
• Universal Pro A/V 24x19mm socket hole size. 
   Upgrade the socket on equipment to MPO easily.
• Use MPO patch cable to SFP in the internal device
   Complete the connection of the overall optical fiber.
• Or use JUNCTION BOX at terminal, for split & collection and change to other optical fiber connectors.
• Plugs and Sockets are equipped with protective covers.Reduce dust and losses.
• The size is compatibility, it can be upgraded to MTP connector if necessary.
♦ MPO is correspond with TIA/EIA 6074-5 IEC-61754-7 standard. 
♦ MTP® is compatible with MPO's product. 
   Fully correspond with standards of MPO connectors.
   MTP® trademark belongs to US Conec®
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