Waterproof & UV Resistant DMX-512 Cable
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Waterproof & UV Resistant DMX-512 Cable


TPU Waterproof DMX-512 Cable

Our DMX UV-resistant cables are the perfect solution for the case which need long periods of submersible ans fixed installation. Use the TPU DMX-512 cable and match with our Waterproof XLR connector (X-WP series) that make it also suitable for outdoor use,  such as outdoor LED PAR, outdoor LED wall washer stage lights, LED city color and so on. 
  • TPU Waterproof DMX-512 Cable
  • Designed for long periods of submersible and fixed installation.
  • Jacket: TPU
  • For shallow water diving environment
  • UV-resistant &Waterproof
Cable Product Guide (2.1 MB)