XLR Socket Connector
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3-pin XLR plastic sockets


3pin Water-resistant XLR Socket

2nd version of IP65 water-prevented XLR female panel mount connector, which is applied for outdoor concerts or open-air performances. The sealed locking button is designed for providing stable signal transmission for the activity. Moreover, plastic shell offers portable and lightweight features, making the products have maximum durability for unpredictable outdoor cases.

IP65 Waterproof XLR
• Shell: Plastic
• Solder Pin: Silver finish
• Setting Hole: 19 x 24 mm, 2 Holes
• Size: 26 x 31 mm
* -PG : Gold finish pin
* SVP561WP-D2 need to be connected with SVP555X-WP, bringing the IP65 waterproof effect into play.
Product Guide (4.2 MB)