Signal + Power Hybrid Cable Assembly
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Signal + Power Hybrid Cable


Signal + Power Cord Hybrid Cable

Abreast Type Audio and power hybrid cable assembly (SKC896V series) is fitted with 3-Pin XLR and 16A power connectors, is an ideal solution which combines power and DMX conductors in a single product, it can avoid loose microphone and power cables cluttering a stage or spoiling visual presentation. The bifurcation Length can be adjusted to suit different loudspeaker amplifier. This combi power +signal cable assembly is designed for use in touring and repeat use applications. 

•Low Capacitance Audio cable:
The signal part is a twisted pair with double-shielded signal conductor (foil and braided copper shields) cable.
• Power cable:
The power section is a 3 x1.5mm2 cable designed for max 16amp with rugged PVC outer jacket encloses the finely stranded.
• Recommend Cable no. : 
  3071500072 (1.5mm2) 
  3071500073 (16AWG)
• XLR Black Shells and Gold Plated Pins:
Male: SVP555V-BG
Female: SVP556V-BG
Product Guide (2.5 MB)
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