Balance Microphone Cable for Installation
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Flame Retardant Audio Cable for Installation


Flame Retardant Cable for Installation

Our Flame Retardant Star Quad Cables are used for installation in fire systems for connecting fire alarms etc. It also can be installed in dry and moist areas as well for fixed open air installation. This Fire-resistant microphone cable with 100% coverage-served shield is good at preventing noise caused by electromagnetic interference, provide a safety environment.
  • ​Aluminum Foil Shield Flame Retardant Star Quad Cable for Installation
  • The latest product launched for installation.
  • The foam insulation has very low capacitance, and the round shielding makes right impedance between the pair-shield.
  • Effectively offset the LED's inferior DC power supply that may be side by side.
  • Use NYLON FIBER for enhancing the tensile strength.
  • Corresponding to single vertical flame retardant standard of IEC6033.2-2-2:2004/GB-T18380.22-2003.
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