Taiwan / Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co.

Founded in 1973, Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. started as a professional connector parts processer in the initial stage and has been keeping an outstanding export sales record under the president Ming-Tong Tsai’s leadership. Since E-Home is in great demand nowadays, Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. promises to research and innovate with sustainability, applying high-efficiency management to manufacturing audio parts, video parts, optical fiber, hardware series related to connectors and offering complete resolution.
China Ningbo / Sun Rise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Since its founding in December 23rd, 2003, Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing electronic connectors, photoelectric switches, a variety of solar/audio/video cables. Moving from Ningbo Free Trade Zone to the new premises at “No. 515, Longjiaoshan Road, Ningbo Development Zone” in July 2007.

Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been enthusiastic about improving skills of precision lathe and cable manufacturing, which are considered our key items in the future. Besides, with customers mainly from Europe & America, it also has been on the leading edge of electronic connectors and cables for years. We longs to have more highly value-added products launched in the near future to enhance its overall competitiveness, looking into the welfare of the employees from every aspect of life and making contributions to the society.


1973 Sun Rise Enterprise Co. was founded with a capital of NTD 500,000 in Tainan, Taiwan, and has been manufacturing audio and video connector parts as main products.
1980 The company was renamed as Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. with a capital of NTD 10,000,000.
1982 Began to develop and manufacture computer connectors.
1986 Began to develop and manufacture connectors related to digital transmission.
1990 Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. increased its capital to NTD 25,000,000.
1994 Feng Hua Sun Rise Co. was founded with a capital of USD 250,000 in Feng-Hua, Zhejiang province, which aspired to set up a complete supply chain in China.
2000 Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. started to reconstruct Taiwan's main office to a seven-story building and increased its capital to NTD 40,000,000.
2001 Feng Hua Sun Rise Co. moved to Ningbo Economy & Technology Development Zone, Ta-Gang Industrial city, and was renamed as“Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Co. Ltd.”
2002 Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. dedicated its new office building in Tainan, Taiwan, and obtained the certificate of ISO 9001 quality management systems.
2003 Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Co. Ltd. set up the cable manufacturing division as well as the automatic lathe division to meet growing market demand. Meanwhile, it moved to No.3, Gangxi Road, Western Area, Ningbo Free Trade Zone, and was renamed as “Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.” with a capital of USD 3,010,000.
2005 Sun Rise Exact Industrial Co. purchased apiece of private land in Ningbo and started to establish a professional manufacturing factory, so as to meet the growing export demand and develop China’s local business.
2006 Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adopted ERP and obtained the certificate of ISO 9001/2000 quality management system, ISO 14001/2004 environmental management standard, UL certificate of electronic cables and acquired several product patents in China.
2007 Global launch, first 4CH Network Multi-Pair Cable and Cable Wheel.Ningbo Sun Rise Electronic Technology 
Co., Ltd. dedicated its new building in July, added new CNC, automatic lathe and mold-processing equipment, and has been capable of manufacturing over 85% products independently since then.
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