Multi-Cable & Stage Box

No matter you are connecting your home audio system, amplifying a musical instrument or building a PA sound system, the audio cables are the vital link between the electronic devices.Audio multi cables consist of multiple channels of individually shielded microphone cable, often terminated with a stage box at one end for use in the pro audio field and referred to as a multicore.

A stage box is a rugged metal housing used in the audio engineering and entertainment fields to connect microphones and other sound equipment to the multicore cable. It functions as an extension of the equipment cables, allowing for the sound desk to be situated further away from the stage, and also as a single location for cables to be plugged in. The entire assembly of stage box and multicore cable is sometimes referred to as an audio snake or simply snake.

Sun Rise provides a comprehensive range of audio cables and leads for the MI and pro audio field.  
Sun Rise cables are constructed using carefully selected components. 
All of our raw materials are genuine, the conductor is OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) for safety, longer shelf life and good performance.
No importa si contactas tu sistema de audio doméstico, amplificas un instrumento musical o construyes un sistema de sonido PA, los cables de audio son el vínculo vital entre los dispositivos electrónicos.

Sun Rise ofrece una gama de cables de audio aún más completa y lidera el campo de MI y Pro audio. 
Los cables de Sun Rise utilizan los componentes cuidadosamente seleccionados.
Todas nuestras materias primas son genuinas, y usamos OFC (Oxígeno-Cobre libre) para la seguridad, una vida más prolongada y el buen rendimiento.
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