RJ45 & 8+2 Pole Ethernet Connector

The EtherCon is a ruggedized and lockcable RJ45 connector system, optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network and digital signal transmission applications.
RJ45 Cat5e of EtherCon provides solutions for high bandwidth data transfer in harsh and demanding environments. Whether you are connecting with Pro light (ArtNet),
Pro audio (Ethersound, Dante, Aesso) or controlling the network, intercom or IPCAM, RJ45 EtherCon is the indispensable link connecting the electronic devices you use.

The EtherCon of Sun Rise is the chassis connectors shaped to fit into standardized panels out of the entertainment industry.
EtherCon is compatible with the market mainstream and standard RJ45 connectors.
*The trademark of EtherCon is owned by Neutrik!
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