DMX Cable Assembly

DMX cable signal is based on RS485 signal, a kind of industry-standard protocol after adjusting the transmit Baud rate, it should have a significant adjustment about the recognition on cable:
1.DMX512 is digital signal, signal transmitted is 0 or 1 digital signal.
2.DMX512 operating frequency Bitrate 250 kbit/s much higher than analog audio signal.
3.The characteristic impedance is 110 OHM.

The features of the DMX cable of Sun Rise are:
1. Using XLPE or FPE insulation material, low dielectric constant reducing capacitance
2. Using an insulation thickness that meets the characteristic impedance standard, reducing the return loss caused by connecting end.
3. Using high-quality copper wire, adding XLPE or FPE insulated material, let RC low-pass filter effect caused by cable can be slowed down!
4. Let wire-pair proceed with higher density twisted, using differential amplification of receiver end, offsetting the impact of peripheral interference.
5. High-density shielding process, using braid with aluminum foil, a priority shield to treasome external interference signal!
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