Optical Fiber System
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Optical Fiber Cable Reel


Optical Fiber Cable Reel

Let Optical Fiber accurate landing in touring and being practical!
  • Multi-core Integrated, 4-6 cores per single reel
  • To meet the requirement of duplicated control network 
  • With cable wheel 150, 200 m for option 
  • Communication standard LC connector
  • Communication standard flange interfacing link
  • 62.5 um multi-mode fiber accepts single mode / multi-mode SFP
  • Away from Patch cable design
  • Dirty pigtail / broken can be easily replaced, to ensure system security
  • Providing patch cable to adapt different machines
  • To use welding fabrication and attached with storage fitting
  • Local cabling vendor can involve maintenance
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Product Guide (1.2 MB)
SFH-6M6A-LCB-100M,150M,200M,250M Drawing File (386 KB)