Phone Plug
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Shark 6.3 Mono TS Audio Connector


Guitar cable's source connector

Exclusive shark shape design 6.35mm mono phone plug connector, X Series connectors is novel and original in the market. This 6.35mm mono phone plug connectors has one piece tail form that makes the cable outlet smooth and soft, easy to assemble the cable.

Using TIS connectors to make unbalanced wire can be avoided shorting the cold/right signal.
So we recommend that while making unbalanced signal wires, using TIS connectors on the output of the device and TS connectors on the signal input.
• Shell and body: with the coordinated clamp structure
• Appearance: Follows a shark plug on the design of ergonomics
• Insulation: Default Nylon Black
• New standard for Unbalance cable & Guitar cable's source connector
• SP102IX-BK: Grey boot with black insulator.
• SP102IX-PRD-BR: Boot and insulator are red.

• Available Cable OD.: 6.5mm
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