2021 Online Graduation Concert "Make a Pinky Swear, See You Again" Using Sun Rise Optical Fiber System

As the epidemic slowdown in Taiwan,
various walks of life are gearing up for the reopening of the Art and Culture Hall and for the reviving Arts and Cultural Activities.

On 31th, July, 2021, after Taiwan lower the epidemic alert to Level 2,
Kaohsiung Music Center takes the lead to hold the online graduation concert "Make a Pinky Swear, See You Again".
This online graduation concert play a demonstrative role in following up the epidemic prevention guidelines.
This concert invites katncandix2, Elephant Gym, Mixer, Accusefive, and Yo Lee who are the singers that go down well with the millennials.
It makes up for the regret of being called off graduation concerts which many new graduates have been looking forward to.
The design of multi-space and the multi-stage is adopted this time, which is convenient for stage transition and switching.
The whole system is built on AVID S6L
Sun Rise Exact's optical fiber system plays the important responsibility of sending signals between two stages and sound rooms in the concert.

Sun Rise Exact provides two grades configuration
Economy type: SFH-4M6A-LCB, OM1
Applied to the main stage
  • Easy to branch cables & patch
  • Less wear
  • Affordable
  • Local easy-maintenance all around the world

MPO Multi-type: SFHP5-12MA-SMPO-200M, OM3
Applied to the second stage.
Used 12C MPO multi-pins connectors, which can go with patch boxes or panels at both ends to branch the cables
  • Dustproof socket
  • Push-Pull shell locking mechanism
  • Easy to branch cables & patch
  • Less wearing
  • Multi-Pairs
  • Low unit cost
Suitable for one-stop integration of HD video、Audio & lighting.
The whole concert was stable and reliable,and it was highly affirmed by the implementer.

The greatest advantage of both type is used patch cord to branch cables.
This is a design made after Sun Rise team observing the user's usage habits and device characteristics.

For example:
This time AVID used the SFP module, instead of industrial standard or military defense and aerospace-grade optical fiber connectors, so that need to relies on LC patch cord.
Patch cord shall be regarded as consumables, must throw it out once it has stains and wear.
By this way, can protect SFP/ optical terminal from damage

The common multi-head fantail on the market now, it is easy to wear and has stains.
Our branching protection design is street ahead of the common type.
Actually, now is more equipment used with optical fiber.
Branching cables by patch cord, the usage length is more flexible.
It's more convenience than multi-pin fantail.
MPO Multi-type:
12C MPO multi-pins connector set, OM3
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